nerd alert

I’m beginning to think that I need to get a life. It is really sad to think that I just spent the last weeks in several different countries soaking up culture and the thing that I am most excited about is my new motherboard and 3 ghz Pentium 4 processor (compliments of Tim).

I have embarked upon yet another DIY tech project that will probably go completely awry from my lack of full reading and comprehending the instructions.

The mission: Install new motherboard and processor into new computer case with new power supply and old harddrives and somehow get it all to work.


the motherboard and processor

Thusfar I have managed to get the processor onto the motherboard, get the giant fan installed, plugged in the harddrives and gotten the motherboard into the case without having extra screws. The only reason I can’t yet test my experiment is that I now realise that I have the wrong memory and will have to go out tomorrow to purchase some DIMM. I’m thinking that I will go super pimp and get 2 x 1024MB.


shiny new install

The next plan (if I get things working) is to mount the 17″ flatscreen on the wall next to my bed and plug it all into the old Denon and Bose system so that I can watch movies in my room.

Pathetic, I know, but I need something to do on those cold London nights!