britain’s ugliest pet

Has your pet got scraggy fur, a lazy eye, or missing teeth? Is your beloved animal quirky, unconventional or just down right funny looking?!

We’re not interested in perfectly preened pets but want to celebrate everything thats weird and wonderful about our nation’s animals.

Here at “Sky One” we are looking for Britain’s Ugliest Pets to take centre stage for once.

If you think your animal fits the bill then write and tell us about yourself and your pet, sending a photo if possible.

This is the ad that our little friend Geoff responded to. And guess who he sent a photo of?


The Email

From: Geoff Wilson
Subject: Britain’s ugliest pet……..
Sent: 14/07/2006 11:09:03


This is my friend Stephanie’s cat.
He’s called Roley. He lives in Notting Hill.

And sweet Jesus he is UGLY!
But quite sweet.

Make Roland famous, put him on the TV.
My friend doesn’t know about this.


The Response

Hi Geoff,

Thanks so much for your e-mail.

Roley is great, i would definitely be interested in getting him on our
show. Do you think this is something Stephanie would be interested in
doing? The item is very lighthearted/tongue in cheek, we’ll be getting
three ‘ugly’ pets on the show and basically picking a winner!

Let me know, look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards Hannah

What’s Next?

Looks like Roley might be going on Sky One Christian O’Connell’s Sunday Service sometime in mid-August to let Britain decide if he really is the ugliest pet in the country.

Stay tuned for more info…