una cucharacha in los albondigas

Went to a great dinner with Arlie tonight to a Spanish tapas place around the corner that everyone has been raving to me about. The word on the street about this particular restaurant was that “it makes Spanish people cry”. Meaning that it was so authentic that they were actually moved to tears to have a home away from home in London.

Galicia (the name of the restaurant) is hidden a bit up on Portobello Road past all the usual market places. It has a rather boring facade and you might just write it off apart from the Spanish flag that adorns the entrance. Walk into the locale and it is like stepping straight into Spain again.

And the menu? Great. Simple tapas with all the regular stuff at great prices for London. Cheap wine as well. Ole!

One small issue – that could very well have been a huge issue had we been pickier – Arlie was fishing around in the albondigas and found a little cucharacha. Gross.

But everything else was so damned good that we decided to forgive them and simply sent the meatballs back to the kitchen with a horrified camarero.

Can’t win ’em all I guess…