DON’T buy this crap

I wish that Paris Hilton would just stick to the things that she is good at… boning Greek billionaires and getting drunk because she certainly can’t sing, dance or act.

Please make this video / album go away. It has traumatised me this morning. So much so that I have to share it with you just so you can witness how truly horrible it really is.

A) The lyrics are awful
B) She clearly can’t dance. Note how the dancing gets clipped after about 2 seconds of her awkward movements
C) Didn’t I see this video somewhere else before? Um, cross between Cherish (Madonna) and Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
D) Whoever called this shit reggae needs to go smoke a big fat spliff and listen to some Lee Scratch Perry
E) Her voice is whiny and crap
F) Do I need to continue?
G) The title is Stars are Blind. And clearly tonedeaf and dumb as well…