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I love food. Plain and simple. I love any type of food. I love gourmet food. I love street food. I’ll try most anything at least once (ok, I did have a hard time in China with some of the weird street food, but if I were dared, I might have tried it).


el bulli

So I’ve compiled a little running list of Euro Michelin star restaurants that I’d like to try out (there is one NY restaurant since the Michelin rating system went into NY last year).

The places that I’d like to eat:
Waterside Inn – England
Fat Duck – England
Comme Chez Soi – Brussels
Guy Savoy – Paris
Arzak – San Sebastian
Bernardin – New York

Some of the best places I have eaten:
French Laundry – Napa
El Bulli – Figueres
Bruneau – Brussels
El Roco Can Fabes – Barcelona
Cinc Sentits – Barcelona
Abac – Barcelona
Ot – Barcelona

If anyone wants a date to any of these restaurants, I’ll be happy to show up and be your dining companion…