things that i need in my life

Here are a few things that would make my life a) better b) more efficient…

1. Skinny mirror – if someone would just market a skinny mirror then every woman in the western world would purchase one. Is it a lie? Yes. Would I still look at it and love it? Yes! Every woman knows if they have skinny mirrors vs. fat mirrors. You typically go out of your way to avoid the fat mirrors. So why doesn’t someone just market a freaking skinny mirror? Hell, maybe I will do it.

2. Wireless electricity – yep. I said it. We need everything to be wireless. Great that we can couple devices with other devices via bluetooth, wifi, infrared. But those devices and things still need plugs. I want wireless electricity!

3. Free wifi – wifi should be free – everywhere to everyone. Simple.

4. An all in one device that is as simple to use and beautiful as an iPod. Without sucking.

5. More storage / more memory / more processing power