will the sun ever shine?

Arrived home yesterday from a week long stint in Tallinn only to discover that the weather is total crap still in London. Seriously – is it ever going to get better? There have been about 3 nice days and the rest is just typical.

Other things that are going on…

Got the invite for Fiona and Tim’s wedding in July. Looks like it will be a great week of hanging out in the sunshine of Spain. The invitation was really cute – like a travel brochure. I’ve booked my flight and will be arriving on Tuesday evening and staying through till Sunday. Events include wine tasting and golfing.

Went to dinner last night at the Pigalle Club. Great little supper club near Picadilly Circus. Nice live jazz band and tons of cocktails. Fun evening.

Tonight just hanging out at the house listening to the karaoke downstairs. Eurovision Song Contest is on right now, but I am not watching it… instead will get caught up on Desperate Housewives and Lost.