1. Wes Anderson – I love love love his films. This guy blows me away every time with his amazing scripts. His stories are completely original. They are told in such an amazing tone. He has such memorable and likeable characters – like Max Fischer – that it makes me want to crawl inside his head and take a nap to try to figure out where it all comes from.

His movies
Bottle Rocket – A gang of wannabe thieves try to infiltrate the underbelly of organised crime by planning a heist at a refridgeration plant…

2. Josh Schwarz – the creator of the O.C. Yes, it is a teenage drama. But you can see that he has written the comic book loving, Jewish geek, Seth Coen, after himself. And I can’t help but to have such a crush on geeks. I never was really into jocks anyway. All the references to Cali shit and water polo players makes me smile every time. And he I hear that he is personally involved in the choice of music for the show. Makes me want to convert. Mazaltov.

3. Michael Smith – author of Giro Playboy. Ever since I went to the reading at the Royal South Bank I’ve had a crush on this Northerner. I think he sparked some romantic fantasy about going out with a writer. Plus he is completely cute in a shy, artistic sort of a way. Note that I once slept with a Michael Smith – but he was more of the dimestore, ghetto Eminem variety than a creative genius (unless you think that creativity is stemmed from welfare fraud)…

4. Kevin Smith – Do I have a thing for Smiths? OK. I know that I blasted KS for his crap writings in his latest book. But I can still give the man credit for the genius of Mallrats and Clerks. Again, note the geek underdog skater theme that I dig…

5. Hurley on Lost – This is random. But I swear that I fancy that fat bastard. I was looking at his face and have determined that if he were skinnier – he would be quite hot. But I love the character. He is funny, yet sweet. In the real world, I would never go for funny and sweet – but let me live in my own little fantasy that I value people for non-superficial reasons.

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