geek glam

This week has been somewhat interesting…well at least in the sense that my life is a myriad of complete geek moments combined a few glam events.

In an exerpt of an email sent to a friend earlier this week:

I just spent the last hour of my life fretting over the fact that last night – after having “fixed” the Internet connection, I promptly “broke” the Internet (in the words of Arlie). So I’ve been plugging things in, disconnecting things, resetting things with tiny pins, reconfiguring DHCP, trying to understand what PPPoE really stands for and generally going nuts.

Then I started thinking back to the steps that I took whilst “breaking” the Internet and I recalled a crucial moment with the airport express asking me about a firmware update. I accidently pressed OK. Turns out that the firmware update actually is the culprit of said “broken” Internet. I downgraded and the Internet has been saved. By me. From my sofa.

Are you impressed? It is a wonder that you could even send a reply to me without the help of the Pony Express.

Now to my next mission which is that after I broke the Internet last night – I went upstairs and preceeded to break my desktop computer. And I’m not kidding. I thought it would be a good project to replace the computer case which consists of removing the motherboard, replacing the power supply and reconfiguring the harddrives. I did all of this succesfully but then switched this little thing in the back of the power supply (which I thought was power, but turned out to be the amp switcher) to 110v. I saw a little light emit from the power supply. I think I killed the damned thing. Thankfully in my lameness and complete and total technical ineptness, I forgot to plug in the motherboard so I didn’t blow that out.

So then my evening last night consisted of attempting to get all glammed up – which is difficult to do in London unless you have a pair of skinny jeans. I do not have a pair of skinny jeans so I’m a fashion don’t. Headed over to Harvey Nicks Fifth Floor for a private party. The launch of the clothing line Jovovich–Hawk. Total glam paparazzi studded event complete with waiters walking around with no shirts (cute model waiters) freely pouring champers and martinis. We all know that I love me a free cocktail! Afterwards, went to Movida to shake a tail feather for a bit.

There you have it. From geek to glam in 2 London days…