Woke up this morning in the new flat at 10 am with something that resembled sunshine creeping through the blinds. Woke up to find that my eyes weren’t lying to me. There was actual sunshine hiding behind those curtains.

And there is one thing to say or think in London when you are blessed with this rare miracle. THANK GOD or Allah or whomever is responsible.

Seriously. It is like having lived through a full blown war. Called the winter…

When you are blessed with some sun it is the best thing you have ever felt on you face, on your body, on your soul.

London sun is one of the most expensive suns in the world. And I’m not even talking about in monetary tones, but the mental expense that it takes on ones soul to get to where we are today.

And the thing is… when it hits. It is like the grand fucking orgasm of a thousand hungry virgins…

Sunshine in London is a precious comodity.

Beautiful. Sunshine. Amazing.

Puts a smile on those typically cynical London faces.

And that, my friend, is fucking priceless.

Now just pray for a few more blissful days like todayl


the first pimms of the season