crack attack

I am addicted to reading Perez Hilton celebrity crap. Yes, I realise that I posted in a recent message that I won’t read Metro magazine on the tube for the very reason that it is crap. But for some reason, I have to read Perez. I’ve gotten myself down to one time a week. But this is pretty pointless as I read the entire week’s posts that I missed. And I love the bitchiness of it all.

Perez Hilton is my crack.


So I ran into Perez live and in person at The Fifth in Miami where Paris Hilton was doing some press crap. Everyone was swarming Paris while I was most impressed with Perez and I swarmed him. I think I actually offended him by telling him that his column was shit, but I couldn’t stop myself from reading it. Oh, lifes little guilty pleasures…