2 days mia

Only 2 more days of work left before I get to take off on the annual trip to Miami for Winter Music Conference. FINALLY. Miami is the kick-off every year to Spring.

Yipee. Hanging out with Ornella for a week! Going to parties. Sitting in the sunshine. Paying for things in $ dollars (exchange rate £1 = $1.76).

This will be the 6th year of Miami. Yep – been going to since 2000.

Highlights from the years:

2000 – Met Jeff
2001 – Met Ornella and Cosmo through Marco
2002 – Love is Special year
2003 – Giles and the Penthouse
2004 – Staying in a loud hotel with Ornella
2005 – Ghetto fabulous with Gbemi and Allison
2006 – More memories to be had…