my first website

I’ve been trying to pinpoint the date that I actually published my first website. It was so awesome. Called Stephanie’s Spot. Seriously – the design was great. All with hand html because in those days, kids, there were not WYSIWYG editors unless you count something like Hot Dog Editor v 1.0. You got notepad and you figured it out. Animated gifs were the shiz.

Back then there were not really people publishing sites. I remember searching for someone to host my site and even that was not such a common experience for regular people to partake in. Businesses – maybe. For personal use and some dumb site for a teenage girl? Not really.

I remember when Netscape Navigator 2.0 came out and I downloaded it on my 28.8k modem which took about 8 hours. How excited was I that day? So excited!

I suppose I have been geeking since I was a kid thanks to the influence of Bob and Uncle Kenneth (Tandem Computers 1970s ubernerd). Yes, I am born into a familiy of nerds.

I remember being 4 years old – which would put us at about 1980 – and using my dad’s Televideo computer to play stock market games.

My first personal computer (meaning Bob didn’t use it) was an Apple IIC. I used to code BASIC when I was 7 for the hell of it. And I used to kick Graham’s ass at Chopper (actually a lie).

So all i’ve found thusfar is my dad’s website on the wayback machine dated Dec 1996 that is pointing to my site. I guess this puts my first published personal site back to around May 1996 or slightly earlier.

The url was (how great that my file structures were so bad).