missed connections

Missed connections in San Francisco’s Craiglist has an almost cult status. I used to read it regularly as did most of my SF friends. It was just something that you did.

So what are missed connections? They are just that. Connections that you have somehow missed. It has a rather romantic air to it. You get postings talking about the girl on the bus, the person at the party that you talked to, but then your friends dragged you off, etc…

We all used to read missed connections on a near daily basis. Why? Did we half expect that some stranger would take our fancy and be so desperate in their immediate attraction to us to post their love online?

Not really. Or perhaps in some secret, deep-down place.

Maybe we read it because it showed us that the City, which on the surface was filled with sarcastic and bitter people, might somehow really be home to tragically romantic people not so unlike ourselves.

Or maybe we just read it for gems like:

oops wrong hole.

you know who you are. you know what i’m talking about. and don’t sit there with a near smirk on your face and deny the truth. what makes you think that it would be ok? do we really know each other that well? do you think that this is the type of thing that happens every day? am i really that type of girl? if i were that type of girl – how the hell would you know it anyways?

all we shared was a random conversation over dinner. it wasn’t even a date. you buy me a few cosmos at a bar and bore me with the details of your life. i didn’t even want to sleep with you. i took pity on you and, well in all honesty, took pity on myself. everyone needs a little bit of sex once in a while. i knew you wouldn’t be the best. i still held a little bit of hope though. then you go and do a thing like that. and you have the audacity to pretend like it was an accident. this isn’t some 15 year old fumbling around in the backseat of his dad’s oldsmobile here. you have had sex before haven’t you? and has that actually worked with other girls? pathetic.

that is why i got my ass up. put my clothes on. wished you a good future. cut all the bullshit. and got out of there in the first taxi i could hail.

so next time you are with a girl. my advice is to keep it in the correct hole until you at least get her phone number. because honey, we all know that it ain’t no accidental slipage happening there.


Please note that in the beginning of craigslist, there was only missed connections to put random posts in. Since then, they have a new forum called Rants and Raves.

Unfortunately, from viewing it these days, it seems that the satirical fun has been replaced by the usual Yahoo! message board flamers that rile everyone up by making racist, sexist and religious comments. It is a shame that most stupid people have figured out how to use the Internet because they continue to ruin things.