i’d rather

I’d rather be doing many things or be in many other places….

  • I’d rather be writing a screenplay, a novel, anything. I’d rather be a professional writer, but lack the talent or determination to actually make that happen.
  • I’d rather have romantically, slacker-filled drifting days that consist of walking in the rain because I don’t care if I get wet, sitting in cafes when they aren’t full and lazily sipping cappuchinos with absolutely nowhere to go.
  • I’d rather be on Pajama Island – the new reality tv show starring Arlie, Stephanie and Roley with guest appearances by our friends.
  • I’d rather be sitting on a beach sweating from tropical humidity with my laptop and a pina colada.
  • I’d rather be discovering cures for lupus in a super secret underground lair with Mr. Bigglesworth.
  • I’d rather be spending the day naked in bed staring into someone’s eyes, connecting the dots with their freckles and inquiring about childhood scars. Drifting in and out of a languid sleep.
  • I’d rather be watching new episodes of Arrested Development developed by Showtime.
  • I’d rather be in a bubble bath.
  • I’d rather be enjoying the company of friends, sharing a bottle of the house red (because you hardly notice when you are laughing so hard) and pouring over the menu because the biggest decision that I have to make is what to order for my main.
  • I’d rather be driving in my Smart down PCH, listening to the new Dimitri from Paris, wearing my big Ralph Lauren sunglasses.
  • I’d rather be anywhere but here…