frankly my dear

i just don't seem to get it...

I’m watching Match Point right now and it brings up the question that I have been wondering time and time (or movie and movie) again. What the hell is the facsination with Scarlett Johansson?

OK – she isn’t harsh on the eyes. I get the fact that she has some massive DSLs (dick sucking lips) coupled with an enormous bosom. Add her dyed golden hair, flawless skin and the fact that the camera seems to really favour her and she seems to be the incarnation of a classic Hollywood beauty.

But let’s now discuss her acting (or lack therefore of) ability. I am always left with a feeling of overwhelming emptiness whenever I see any movie that she is in. It seems that every role she is placed in has her as a lost soul trying to find her place in the world. A shell of a human. Usually weak and slighly confused. And then there is the over emphasis on her sexuality (back to those lips again). Her performance always lacks flair, depth and any sense of reality. It is like listening to a robot drone on and on with no emotion.

“Open the pod bay doors, Hal.”

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed her performance in Lost in Translation, but maybe because that was the entire point of her character. The lost soul looking for her place on earth. An empty shell. Then there was The Girl with a Pearl Earring. Did she even speak once in that movie? I’m having trouble remembering. And In Good Company she plays another lost soul. Boring as usual. Finally Match Point. Lacking the same fire.

So what the hell am I missing? Why is she the hottest thing in Hollywood? Can’t we stop putting her in serious roles and relegate her to Marilyn Monroe like status of the ditzy blond? Although I’m not sure she can even pull of that air-headedness with her deep man voice.

Or is it just me?