birthday greetings

a nice little email from greg...

Greetings from cold Massachusetts and the Biscuit household.

Just got back tonight from hk/Philippines/paris and am thinking of you late over here. Wondering if you’re scared shitless about the 30s (yeah I bet you got over that in about 5 minutes).

Even though you think I destroyed your flat which is completely not true no matter what darby said except for one blue vase that you didn’t need anyway… I want to tell you on this big birthday that I admire the way you have lived your most recent 20s – you’ve decided not to be afraid – and go off and do the crazy shit that you want to do – and be completely unique – and damn not many people can say they turned 3-0 and did it their way – and YOU are completely unique. Many more people like me can say they’re 3-0 and living at their parents house in their old bedroom.

Yeah I’m proud of you that you did it the steph way and I wouldn’t want you any other way. No doubt that the price to pay for being completely unique is sometimes to be lonely, and sometimes hard to find your soulmate I know, but, that’s a small price to pay to have to wait compared with the shit lives most people live from the day they’re born until the day they die. Give thanks for all that shit that went down so far in your life that you have seen and learned. You are a lucky girl to be where you are today with the stories you can tell from all over the world and friends who care about you everywhere. Don’t forget it over there in cloudy London.

And I am one more of those friends who loves you and loves who you are, so be strong, embrace the 30s with your wisdom learned, continue to do it your own crazy way, and although I have no idea where you are going, I have no doubt that you will win the big game if you keep on doing it your way and focus on the big things that make steph happy vs the details. I believe in you. Happy 3-0.