road trip!

2 girls, 1 bald cat, 3 countries, 2 days, 1 smart epic adventure or just plain stupidity?
the 2 girls
the bald cat
the smart car

Now what do you get when you add up these three things and then give them a deadline of 48 hours to get from Barcelona to London?


Which makes me think that I need to start planning my finest roadtrip CD mix ever. Crap – or I need to go buy a new iPod and get sync’d up with some new speakers so we can listen on our way. Now which songs are good for road trips is the question…..

  • Always on time / Ja Rule and Ashanti – I had to say this one first because there was once an incident with Bonita missing her flight to Cannes, crying hysterically in my car then deciding that we would go and get drunk on the beach instead…while this song was playing. Since she will be my wingman for two days – I must first dedicate a song to her.

    I’ll have to get back to this at a later time. Please give me some suggestions if you see this.