more lost theory

what the hell is really going on in lost? is it the christian coalition controlling television?

I have the feeling that I will be disappointed when we find out what Lost is really about. It is like those soda cups at In and Out burger that have creepy bible passages on the bottom inside lip. Pure evil in a Christian mindfuck sort of a way.

Here is another theory that I read.

Walt is the 2nd coming of Christ. Remember – he makes things happen. “He shall come again with glory to judge the living and the dead; of His kingdom there shall be no end” (speaking of “one Lord Jesus Christ”).

Baby Aaron is the anti-christ. Remember – he has the possibility of evil if raised by others. Also, Charlie is trying to do his best to raise him, but just got kicked to the curb by Claire. Charlie is probably of the evil nature.

Now I have added my own thoughts onto this.

There are the seven deadly sins (that were originally 8 deadly sins — oohhh one of the numbers). And there are the 10 commandments. Of which – everyone on the island is guilty of.

They are all “bearing false witness” to the Dharma computer which is already leading Michael astray by pretending to be Walt.

So – there are about a million holes to any of these theories…like what the hell is the black smoke, what is the infection, what is the difference between the “good” people that the others take, etc…

Enough for today.