ni hao – part II

third day recap from china trip with arlie and steph

Day 3 – Slept in with jetlag then party time
Didn’t actually accomplish much this day. As I mentioned in my previous post, the beds at the St. Regis hotel are amazingly comfortable. So Arlie and I ended up staying up talking shit and finally passing out at 2 am or so. Next thing you know, we open our eyes and look at the clock (well, she did because I couldn’t see anything without my glasses which I left in London). Low and behold….it was 3.30 PM. Yes. We actually slept through an entire day. Both of us have been going non-stop with work and life so sleep wasn’t a bad thing.

Got up and ran out for a bit into town to do some wandering around and more shopping. Then came back to the hotel for some more massage and relaxation. Tough lives, I know.

getting cocktailed at T8

Had dinner reservations at T8 – a fashionable restaurant that has been hailed as one of Shanhai’s finest. Asian fusion cuisine located in the Xintiandi district of Shanghai.

Arrived into the little shopping area that the restaurant is located. Lots of little boutiques and bars. Very upscale. Got a little lost on our way to find the restaurant, but finally ended up there. The interior is very nice. Dark and sexy. Sushi bar and open kitchen in the middle.

I wasn’t feeling so hungry from my jetlag so I ordered two appetizers that were amazingly good. Arlie had some beef that she seemed to like since she ate the whole thing. The restaurant was filled with only expats and some really annoying ones at that. There was some Chinese American gay guy with a laugh like a hyenia that wouldn’t shut up the entire time. That was somewhat annoying. Cocktails were very good. Price was pretty good for the level of quality. Staff was really friendly and very attentive.

yummy food

After dinner was when the fun really got started. Feeling a bit warm and fuzzy from our cocktails we walked out into the crisp Shanghai night in search of some fun and excitement. I had a list of some places from the Small World site, but Arlie was content with finding something local in the center.

And that is when we heard it. The sound of music and singing. People seemed really excited in this bar. There was a live band or something. Everyone was looking quite local (you know, with slanted eyes and whatnot). So we decided to go in.

And there it was.

A cover band from Manila. Live.

The best cover band ever.

my fav band

You are all lucky that I didn’t just run off and join their band. Because I was on the verge of it. They were so versatile – rocking from Beyonce, Jay-Z to Bon Jovi to Donna Summers. We had such a great time.

And if you don’t believe me – there is video to prove it. Axel Rose Robesky in full swing

T8 Shanghai
No. 8 Xintiandi North Part, Lane 181 Tai Cang Road
Shanghai, 200021
Telephone: +86 (0)21 6355 8999
Hours:Mon-Sun 11.30am-12midnight