it's being to look a lot like christmas and hannukah...

I’m feeling pretty tired about now. And the holidays haven’t even started yet. It looks like I will be on the road until about the middle of January before I finally get a weekend of rest and then turn 30 and feel depressed again.

In Tallinn again now – closing out some projects so that I can start holidays feeling semi-guilt free. I’ll be happy when this long year is over. Coming back to London on Friday night to meet up with Bonita who is in town. Then Arlie and I are off to China on Saturday. We fly into Shanghai for Christmas day and stay around there for a few days before we take an overnight train to Beijing and check out some things around town. We’ll be back on the 2nd just in time to start work again on the 3rd.

After that I’ll go to Barcelona for a quicky weekend break. Then back to London for an entire 2 days before I leave to come back to Tallinn just in time for our company party that lasts 3 days in the midst of some snowy cold goodness.

But that wouldn’t be enough now would it? Nope! Cause our team is staying the weekend with more party plans before we kick off another half a week of planning for 2006. Whoohoo. Makes me tired just thinking of it.

Come back into town on the 18th – just in time for our beloved Roley to be freed from his quarantine period. Awww how we have missed out little baldy. Fiona has sworn that she is not giving him back because she is so in love with his stinky ass.

And we all know what happens on the 27th. Well maybe not. But I do. It is all too clear in my mind. The big 3 0. Yep. The nerdgirl is becoming a NERDWOMAN. Nerd in denial is more like it. God have mercy on all of us.