fav firefox extensions

things that make me smile in my browser
  • Secure password generator – Really cool and allows you to create those super complicated passwords that are difficult to break
  • All in One Gestures – I love this one, no need to click back buttons or keyboard keys to do things
  • FireFTP – FTP right from your browser tab
  • Web Developer Tools – Really cool when you are troubleshooting front-end dev – great for graphics designers
  • Forecastfox – Get the weather in many different locations all in a cute little status bar
  • Fox Clocks – Keep track of different time zones
  • Bookmarks Synchroniser – Save your bookmarks and sync them automatically to any of your browsers
  • Colorzilla – Get the hex or rgb value of pixels on your browser
  • LoremIpsum Generator – Great for filling up mocks
  • PDF Downloader – Download PDFs instead of having them get all buggy and try to open them in the browser
  • Open Download – Allows you to open your downloads instead of just save them to file…