bob is bob spelled backwards

my dad is a pretty cool dude - really. as far as dad's go - he rocks.

image why my dad – whom i call bob (but he is still my real dad) – is a really cool dude:

  • He listens to Green Day and Eminem
  • He actually goes to see Green Day in concert
  • He drove me to my first Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco (I was 15) and let my friends and I party without intruding
  • He is the one who told me to put gum behind my ear (and then I fell asleep and got it tangled to the point that I had to cut it off)
  • He (and my mother for that part) put up with me raging through my teenage years and putting them through a million sleepless nights
  • He has perfected the art of ice cream making (for only about $400 per pint)
  • He wastes more money on stupid shit than I do
  • His dog is named Tivo
  • He has a first generation Tivo that he has hacked for more storage
  • He has his own blog
  • He won the first NEC portable computer at Comdex in 1981 and got to take a photo with Dom Delouise
  • He had a Compuserve account and a 2400 baud modem
  • He knows what PHP is – and doesn’t get it confused with PCP
  • He wears the same shirt every day (well, same make of Land’s End blue tshirt) because it is comfortable and he likes it
  • He probably spends as much money as I do on iTunes
  • He reads Harry Potter and tons of other interesting books
  • He is smarter than all the people on Jeopardy
  • He is a grumpy old bastard, but we still love him
  • He has SkypeMe buttons on his website
  • He is always online and talks to me every day on Skype
  • He had sex with my Mom at least two times to produce my brother and myself
  • He has been married to my mom for 45 years and still considers her his best friend