my super sweet 16

there are a few tv shows that really really make me angry...this is one of them

I’ve watched two episodes of this MTV show called My Super Sweet 16 and it makes me so angry that I want to kill people. Seriously. I keep waiting for the punchline to come…but then the credits roll and the show ends. I keep waiting for the super strech limo in the end to explode into a million pieces and end my pain and suffering. But it just doesn’t happen.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show – it follows around teenagers on their party planning adventure for their sweet 16 party. Fair game. Except they are the most ridiculous, waste of space, self centered group of kids I have ever seen with parents that are just as stupid, wasteful and irresponsible as their children. These are parents that are laying out anywhere from $200k-500k for a party for their spoiled worthless children to buy their friends and propogate the American dream of growing up to suck dick like Paris Hilton and be famous for doing nothing but.

It really makes me sick. I can’t stand to see people waste their money and raise such idiot children (and then fill my tv space with them).

I would really like to see at least one episode where the parents decide to buy their kid a brain transplant and a new Mercedes. And then they all commit ritual suicide at the end. And the MTV staff that creates such a shit show end up on a deserted island where they are attacked by “the others”.