freezin my arse off

been in tallinn estonia for the past week visiting some folks in the offices here...and it is COLD!

For those of you who know me and my issues, then you will be a little surprised that I would willingling subject myself to the cold torture of Tallinn in a pre-winter state. But I have. And i’ve managed to survive almost a week sitting in a hotel with an open wireless connection and my skype headset pretending to be in contact with reality, ordering room service, occassionally attemping to wander out into the cold air before be thrown into a cafe where I can sip on some hot cocoa and contemplate my Miami WMC trip this year with the girls.

town square at night

I guess I am missing the point on this…Tallinn is actually a very beautiful city. I really wish that I had been able to visit in the summer months where the weather actually gets up to something that I would probably still consider chilly but tolerable. The people that I have met so far have been really nice and willing to give me a few pointers. The food that I have experienced – apart from the office microwaveable mystery salmon – has been really nice and hearty. Mmmmn, I love a good thick soup and a nice steak!

The old town is really beautiful and history rich – small and quaint. And did I mention that it is clean here? Amazingly clean – no dog poo, no litter. Oh and as far as I have seen – no black people and very few Asians (maybe I am looking in the wrong places?). All of the guidebooks that I read warned of drunken English stag-dos which I also did not have the pleasure of running across (which doesn’t mean that they didn’t actually exist – it was just that I didn’t go out in the weekend evenings).

And one more plus point. The vodka is cheap as hell. And if you are cold blooded like me – then that is sure to warm the cockles of your heart.

Other observations to note (for my own memory’s sake):

  • The taxis from the airport are a RIP OFF. It is better to call for a cab service.
  • The taxi cost me 305EEK and really should have been like 50EEK (bastards)

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