Madge says Kaballah in Israel

Madonna – the former Catholic turned Kaballah queen – has deemed it completely safe to fly to Israel and told her PR machine to stuff it. However, she left little Lordes and what’s his name at home not deeming it quite safe enough for her children quite yet.

Madge recently visited Israel in a five day Rosh Hashana holiday visit. A trek that many Israelis will never forget. The famed singer and actress arrived Wednesday night to celebrate the Jewish New Year and study Kaballah.

“I realize now that it is no more dangerous to be here than it is to be in New York,” Madonna said.


Madonna benefited from special security precautions provided by the Israeli government and her own bodyguards who surrounded her and clashed with photographers. The hotel was closed to people who were not its guests, and a police motorcade accompanied her.

Madonna’s only complaint was about the paparazzi whom she claimed were “naughty.”

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