itunes video

i am more and more convinced every day of the power of apple...

Ahhh, how I love iTunes and iPods and all those happy mediums where I can download things from the comfort of my bedroom. And it just keeps getting better and better. Thank God for bandwidth and wireless connections. I love technology. I love that I can now download all the episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives from the iTunes store. Yes, I realise that I could probably search around using bit torrent software and get the same thing – at no cost…but I guess I am a bit lazy when it comes to these things and prefer to have the naming convention on my files usable and organised (yes, I hate downloading mp3s with names like frank seanatra).

If you haven’t yet checked it out – go to the iTunes store and buy some episodes. This is particularly handy if you are living outside of the US and wouldn’t get your little hands on these episodes until later in the year. Granted, it helps when you have your dads US credit card….

Oh and be sure to watch Lost. I am obsessed. Which reminds me that I need to get in touch with GC about Michelle’s site that I happen to own the domain for.

Will be in Estonia for a week – probably freezing my little Raynaud’s hands off so hopefully the cast and crew of Lost will keep me company. More photos coming as soon as I get this bluetooth installed.