Hasta luego Barcelona, Hola Londres!

shere has the nerd disappeared to???

Hi everyone!

This mail is just a little note to tell you that my
time here in Spain is coming to a rapid close. After
spending nearly 4 years here, I feel that it is time
for me to go back to a life of poor weather, expensive
housing and insane working hours (with no holiday).
We all knew that paradise couldn’t last forever…

Alas, I will be departing this fair country next
Wednesday in search of greener pastures in the country
where they refer to us Americans as Septic Tanks
(Yanks). And with that as a welcome, who could resist
its old world charms?!?

If you are still wondering where the hell I am going,
I will clue you in… LONDON!

Perhaps my world is now working in reverse – coming
from Newport Beach > San Francisco > London >
Barcelona < London and then maybe San Francisco again. As always, I can be reached via email at this address (srobesky@yahoo.com) and you can check up on my silly adventures by logging into www.nerdgirl.com To those that I am leaving behind in Spain...I wish you the best. It has been an amazing adventure filled with tons of laughter, beautiful friendships, some tears and lots of booze. An experience that I will treasure for my life. But we will keep in touch - and you'd better keep a sofa open for me to crash on when I visit. If anyone is visiting London, please drop me a line - I will always have the aforementioned sofa ready for you. Besos muy grande! Stephanie