Bill Bryson Travel Books

For those of you who don’t get 20 paid days of holiday per year or simply can’t afford to get away on an adventure holiday, we have the next best thing for you…

Bill Bryson travelogues. Yes, that is correct. You can take a little journey whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home. Plus you don’t have to deal with that pesky airport security or the annoyance of losing your luggage yet again. All of this coupled with English style dry humour (due to the fact that old Bill lived in Blighty for a good 20 years) make for enjoyable, highly readable adventures.

Bonus Recommendations – If you enjoy Bill’s travelogues, then you might possibly enjoy his other books that include:

The Mother Tongue – a history of English (the proper British English). Y’no what I mean? Innit!

Made in America – a history of American English with many useless facts that you can use to impress your friends – such as vichysoisse was invented in NYC (not France)

A Short History of Nearly Everything – This is a book about life, the universe and everything, from the Big Bang to the ascendancy of Homo sapiens. Yes that might sound a bit dry and boring – but written in Bryson’s style it is a page turner and completely enjoyable. Also includes more useless facts that you can use to impress your useless friends.