Hurricane Rita Headed for Bush Territory

I find it quite interesting that following the devasting Hurrican Katrina and the giant cockup by the government to warn people in time that now they are really quick on the draw to evacuate people from Texas for Hurricane Rita. Way to go George W. I’m sure that this is just another great excuse for the President to get back to Texas and worry about his ranch and hittin’ the bottle.

So all those poor people that rushed to Texas seeking refuge are once again homeless. Here are some travel tips for a hurricane that might be useful if they weren’t so stupid. Example: Get water, get out of the way of the hurricane, don’t go out in the rain without your galoshes, don’t put your wet finger into an electrical socket, etc…


Getting out of dodge – the story

Here are some places that they might want to go to that are hurricane free:

  • California (except we don’t really like people from Texas)
  • Canada
  • Spain (except they don’t like Americans)
  • Russia (except they don’t like Americans)
  • Ireland (they like everyone!)