Day 3 – Slept in with jetlag then party time
Didn’t actually accomplish much this day. As I mentioned in my previous post, the beds at the St. Regis hotel are amazingly comfortable. So Arlie and I ended up staying up talking shit and finally passing out at 2 am or so. Next thing you know, we open our eyes and look at the clock (well, she did because I couldn’t see anything without my glasses which I left in London). Low and behold….it was 3.30 PM. Yes. We actually slept through an entire day. Both of us have been going non-stop with work and life so sleep wasn’t a bad thing.

Got up and ran out for a bit into town to do some wandering around and more shopping. Then came back to the hotel for some more massage and relaxation. Tough lives, I know.

getting cocktailed at T8

Had dinner reservations at T8 – a fashionable restaurant that has been hailed as one of Shanhai’s finest. Asian fusion cuisine located in the Xintiandi district of Shanghai.

Arrived into the little shopping area that the restaurant is located. Lots of little boutiques and bars. Very upscale. Got a little lost on our way to find the restaurant, but finally ended up there. The interior is very nice. Dark and sexy. Sushi bar and open kitchen in the middle.

I wasn’t feeling so hungry from my jetlag so I ordered two appetizers that were amazingly good. Arlie had some beef that she seemed to like since she ate the whole thing. The restaurant was filled with only expats and some really annoying ones at that. There was some Chinese American gay guy with a laugh like a hyenia that wouldn’t shut up the entire time. That was somewhat annoying. Cocktails were very good. Price was pretty good for the level of quality. Staff was really friendly and very attentive.

yummy food

After dinner was when the fun really got started. Feeling a bit warm and fuzzy from our cocktails we walked out into the crisp Shanghai night in search of some fun and excitement. I had a list of some places from the Small World site, but Arlie was content with finding something local in the center.

And that is when we heard it. The sound of music and singing. People seemed really excited in this bar. There was a live band or something. Everyone was looking quite local (you know, with slanted eyes and whatnot). So we decided to go in.

And there it was.

A cover band from Manila. Live.

The best cover band ever.

my fav band

You are all lucky that I didn’t just run off and join their band. Because I was on the verge of it. They were so versatile – rocking from Beyonce, Jay-Z to Bon Jovi to Donna Summers. We had such a great time.

And if you don’t believe me – there is video to prove it. Axel Rose Robesky in full swing Read More

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Day 1 – Flight and Arrival (Merry Xmas and Happy Chaunnukah)
Arrived after our 10 1/2 hour flight feeling super exhuasted. Both of us didn’t really sleep on the plane. It was about 11.15 am when we arrived. Going through customs was super fast and efficient and we had our bags in about 5 minutes which is also really quick. Went out to find a taxi. Taxi driver didn’t understand us so we had to have someone tell him where we were going.

Checked into the St. Regis hotel. Our room was super nice. Marble bathroom. Two double beds with comfortable looking pillows. Aero chair. Butler service. Free internet access. Whoohoo!

Then Arlie and I ran off to the Xiangchiang Fashion Market to get some knock-off goods. Wow – what an experience this was. We arrived in a cab and there were about 5 people standing outside of our taxi. As soon as we stepped out the door the attacks started. “Hey lady. You want Louie Vuitton? Hey lady. Come with me to warehouse.” And it didn’t stop. Seeing as how it is not really tourist season, they spotted us and kept coming. Basically the entire time Arlie and I walked around the market we had about 15 people going from shop to shop with us and standing outside waiting for us. It is quite intimidating especially when you are jetlagged and not in any mood to deal. This didn’t stop us from aquiring a few good looking bags and watches for bargain prices.

Came back to the hotel and went downstairs for 75 minute La Stone massages. MMMnnn. So good for jetlag. Then back to the room and ordered from room service. Passed out at 8 pm.

fake gucci
crap from the market

Day 2 – Wandering Around Shanghai
Woke up at 11.30 am. Wow. The St. Regis officially has the most comfortable hotel beds and darkest blackout curtains of any hotel ever. Seriously both of us slept really well. Ordered more room service for breakfast and headed out into the city for some siteseeing.

It was really cold outside. Arlie only brought a thin jacket so we had to buy a scarf. Got dropped on Nanjing road – the biggest shopping street in Shanghai. We wandered down the east end and up to the Huangpu river where we took some photos before heading back down the other side of the road on the West. Walked up to People’s Park then across the street and into some big building in search of food.

Ended up in a restaurant where we were feeling pretty comfortable with because the host spoke some English. Yeah right. We got the menu with pictures. Arlie started feeling nervous by things like dumplings with chicken intestine and frogs stew. We found some edible looking things and ordered by pointing and feeling quite stupid. I lucked out by ordering some green mint tea, but Arlie was stumped as there were no photos for Diet Coke so she ended up going thirsty. Food was good. Then the server attempted to rip us off for 100 rmb -but we caught it and did a lot of pointing and looking unhappy until they gave us our money back.

dim sum

Went back out into the cold again. And walked through People’s Park – which was partially under construction. It was a bit sad being winter because most of the park was dead and grey. There were some old men playing dominos or some game, but other than that it was pretty dead. However, I am always still in amazement of any park in set in the middle of a completely urban environment with highrises around it.

people’s park

After the park, we went in search of the Shanghai Museum. I thought I had seen a photo of it in Arlie’s guide so we went in the direction of that building. Turned out that I am illiterate and that was actually something else so we ended up wandering past the museum and then having to turn around and go back. Eventually we landed there with about 45 minutes until closing. According to our book we would need at least half a day to tour the entire museum, but being that we are speed sight-see’ers we decided we could do a quick run through.

First went to see the ceramics exhibit (for Mamma Fujie would be mad if we didn’t). It was amazing the age of the collection. We’re talking 3 A.D. stuff. In really good condition. Then we went to see the Jade collection, the furniture, seals and ended up in sculptures. We were a bit annoyed that the painting and jewelry exhibits were closed. The sculptures were my favourite bit. I really loved the 1000 Buddhas scupture. Awesome.

1000 buddhas

Overall impression of this first day was that Shanhai is an amazingly cosmopolitan city. Reminds me of New York with all the highrise buildings, but with a touch of Asia and Las Vegas thrown in there. Interesting that the fronts of buildings are so modern, but if you catch a glimpse occasionally down side streets you will see old world style ghettos lurking beneath the surface.

Other things to note:

  • People spit all the time – everywhere. And not little spitty spits, but full on whopping snot infested from the lung complete with hacking cough and phlegm sounds….not for the faint of heart
  • Always take a card from the hotel of the places you want a taxi to take you because otherwise you will be screwed (if your Mandarin is as bad as ours) Read More
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    Arlie and I are sitting at Heathrow airport’s TGIFriday getting ready to depart on our China journey. They just brought our chicken wings which were burnt to a crisp and deep fried. Even the server was laughing at them. There is NO flare going on here at all. And the don’t even have free refills. We have just made a call to the Coldplay contest on Skype saying Merry Christmas and that we don’t even like Coldplay – which is a lie because we actually do like Coldplay.

    Anyways. I leave you with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Updates to come from the road.

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    Everyone looks at Smarts and thinks that they are pretty unsafe – but here is a video demostrating that you can drive one at 70 MPH into a cement wall and it will still be intact.

    Read More

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    I’m feeling pretty tired about now. And the holidays haven’t even started yet. It looks like I will be on the road until about the middle of January before I finally get a weekend of rest and then turn 30 and feel depressed again.

    In Tallinn again now – closing out some projects so that I can start holidays feeling semi-guilt free. I’ll be happy when this long year is over. Coming back to London on Friday night to meet up with Bonita who is in town. Then Arlie and I are off to China on Saturday. We fly into Shanghai for Christmas day and stay around there for a few days before we take an overnight train to Beijing and check out some things around town. We’ll be back on the 2nd just in time to start work again on the 3rd.

    After that I’ll go to Barcelona for a quicky weekend break. Then back to London for an entire 2 days before I leave to come back to Tallinn just in time for our company party that lasts 3 days in the midst of some snowy cold goodness.

    But that wouldn’t be enough now would it? Nope! Cause our team is staying the weekend with more party plans before we kick off another half a week of planning for 2006. Whoohoo. Makes me tired just thinking of it.

    Come back into town on the 18th – just in time for our beloved Roley to be freed from his quarantine period. Awww how we have missed out little baldy. Fiona has sworn that she is not giving him back because she is so in love with his stinky ass.

    And we all know what happens on the 27th. Well maybe not. But I do. It is all too clear in my mind. The big 3 0. Yep. The nerdgirl is becoming a NERDWOMAN. Nerd in denial is more like it. God have mercy on all of us.

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    One year ago today I went to the De La Soul show in Barcelona. We started off at my house with Alex, Sarah, Giles (in his hip hop outfit), Danny and Darby and headed off. We had the best time that night. Everyone was in a crazy mood. All of our other Barcelona friends happened to be there as well…

    Tonight I went to a Foo Fighters show here in London at Earl’s Court. And in the middle of the show my mind wandered back to a year ago. And I started to think about Danny. This happens to me sometimes – actually quite a bit. I think about how much I miss his smile. And how much fun we had together. Our “slunches” (that means slut+lunches) that we would spend hours every day drinking and recapping our latest adventures. How he took care of me when I was a sicky with sore, fat fingers. How much he loved that slobbering mutt dog of his.

    Just flashes of Danny come into my mind. And thoughts of how much I am enjoying this show. And how much I would love to tell him that. And knowing that his reaction would be something like “Dude, that is so cool.” And thinking – FUCK, I can’t tell him that. I can’t tell him anything – ever again.

    And that sucks.

    Because I miss my friend Danny. So much. I think about him every day. And it hurts. And I know that everyone who knew him feels the same way…

    And there really is no cure for that kind of broken heart.

    a letter to danny

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    It is really easy to become cynical in the world today. And those who have the pleasure of seeing my bright and sunny side might say that I am a tad more cynical than the rest. And why not? I’ve spent the last 2 months being exiled from the United Kingdom due to some bureaucratic bullshit and sent halfway across the earth carrying papers in duplicate, triplicate and more photograph-sized photos than I care to recall.

    So when I finally arrived in Los Angeles to get another copy of my passport done at the passport agency with only one day to complete my task I was a bit weary and tired. My appointment was at 8 AM and I was dropped of by Monte at the Federal Building on Whilshire. I queued up with all my documents in order.

    At 8 am, a security guard comes out of the building and yells at everyone to line up against the wall. Then he yells to the growing line of folks — There are NO camera phones or cameras allowed in the building. If you have a camera phone or camera take them to your car. You will NOT be allowed in with these things and we WON’T hold them!!!

    Great. I have a camera AND a camera phone. But I don’t have a car. I don’t have anyone with me. So I go and explain my situation to him. He tells me – “Not my problem. You can’t take them in.” At this point I have just traveled about 20 hours straight through Estonia, Belguim, England and the US to make my 8 am appointment. I ask what I am supposed to do. He tells me he doesn’t know but I can’t go in with them. I nearly cry. I start getting frantic and raise my voice a bit telling him I have just come to the US only for this specific purpose. He doesn’t give 2 shits less about what I am saying because – frankly – it isn’t his job to give a shit because he is a droid and driods only do as they are programmed.

    I am about to really freak out. Or just throw my camera and phone into a bush and hope that it doesn’t get stolen.

    Then a lady who has overheard my conversation approaches me. She tells me that her daughter is getting her passport done and she doesn’t mind holding my stuff for me while I go inside. And all I can think is how grateful I am to this stranger for offering assistance.

    I go inside, I do my paperwork, I come out and the lady is there waiting for me. I thank her profusely. And I can’t help but smile and tell her 10,000 times thank you.

    This act of kindness really touched me. People are amazing. It is so easy to forget that most days… Try it out for yourself. Try to help another person out – even in the smallest way – because you never know how it can make the world seem slightly brigher.

    The other cute part of this story is that after the lady and her daughters have driven off smiling and waving goodbye to me I sat down on the curb and pulled out my camera. And I got another nice little surprise. The lady had taken a photo of her little girl with my camera…

    a smile a day

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  • Secure password generator – Really cool and allows you to create those super complicated passwords that are difficult to break
  • All in One Gestures – I love this one, no need to click back buttons or keyboard keys to do things
  • FireFTP – FTP right from your browser tab
  • Web Developer Tools – Really cool when you are troubleshooting front-end dev – great for graphics designers
  • Forecastfox – Get the weather in many different locations all in a cute little status bar
  • Fox Clocks – Keep track of different time zones
  • Bookmarks Synchroniser – Save your bookmarks and sync them automatically to any of your browsers
  • Colorzilla – Get the hex or rgb value of pixels on your browser
  • LoremIpsum Generator – Great for filling up mocks
  • PDF Downloader – Download PDFs instead of having them get all buggy and try to open them in the browser
  • Open Download – Allows you to open your downloads instead of just save them to file…
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    tin man When a man’s an empty kettle,
    He should be on his mettle.
    And yet I’m torn apart.
    Just because I’m presumin’
    That I could be kind-a human,
    If I only had a heart.

    I’d be tender — I’d be gentle
    And awful sentimental
    Regarding Love and Art
    I’d be friends with sparrows..
    …And the boy who shoots the arrows
    If I only had a heart.

    Picture me….a balcony….
    Above a voice sings low.
    Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

    I hear a beat….how sweet!
    Just to register emotion
    Jealousy — Devotion —
    And really feel the part,
    I could stay young and chipper,
    And I’d lock it with a zipper,
    If I only had a heart!

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    It is due out for limited release by Lion’s Gate – but has gotten really good reviews. It looks pretty good. You can now even see the trailer on Yahoo! GO SEE IT NOW! Support my Haft friends!!!


    Read More

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