Greetings from cold Massachusetts and the Biscuit household.

Just got back tonight from hk/Philippines/paris and am thinking of you late over here. Wondering if you’re scared shitless about the 30s (yeah I bet you got over that in about 5 minutes).

Even though you think I destroyed your flat which is completely not true no matter what darby said except for one blue vase that you didn’t need anyway… I want to tell you on this big birthday that I admire the way you have lived your most recent 20s – you’ve decided not to be afraid – and go off and do the crazy shit that you want to do – and be completely unique – and damn not many people can say they turned 3-0 and did it their way – and YOU are completely unique. Many more people like me can say they’re 3-0 and living at their parents house in their old bedroom.

Yeah I’m proud of you that you did it the steph way and I wouldn’t want you any other way. No doubt that the price to pay for being completely unique is sometimes to be lonely, and sometimes hard to find your soulmate I know, but, that’s a small price to pay to have to wait compared with the shit lives most people live from the day they’re born until the day they die. Give thanks for all that shit that went down so far in your life that you have seen and learned. You are a lucky girl to be where you are today with the stories you can tell from all over the world and friends who care about you everywhere. Don’t forget it over there in cloudy London.

And I am one more of those friends who loves you and loves who you are, so be strong, embrace the 30s with your wisdom learned, continue to do it your own crazy way, and although I have no idea where you are going, I have no doubt that you will win the big game if you keep on doing it your way and focus on the big things that make steph happy vs the details. I believe in you. Happy 3-0.


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the 2 girls
the bald cat
the smart car

Now what do you get when you add up these three things and then give them a deadline of 48 hours to get from Barcelona to London?


Which makes me think that I need to start planning my finest roadtrip CD mix ever. Crap – or I need to go buy a new iPod and get sync’d up with some new speakers so we can listen on our way. Now which songs are good for road trips is the question…..

  • Always on time / Ja Rule and Ashanti – I had to say this one first because there was once an incident with Bonita missing her flight to Cannes, crying hysterically in my car then deciding that we would go and get drunk on the beach instead…while this song was playing. Since she will be my wingman for two days – I must first dedicate a song to her.

    I’ll have to get back to this at a later time. Please give me some suggestions if you see this.

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    image The big day is slowly creeping upon me. Seriously. There are approximately 2 days 8 hours left in my twenties. Jesus, saying that just gave me a twinge in my stomach that nearly caused me to burp up my sushi.

    So as I look back on my twenties what things can I say? Can I look back and think of all those lessons learned? Do I have a newfound maturity that turning — ack — 30 brings with it? Is my hair greying?

    I can’t even remember turning 20. Isn’t that odd? Perhaps not. Because turning 20 is not really a big deal. It is two years after turning 18 which seems like it should be a big deal because you can now join the army and officially ditch your parents. However since I was emancipated when I was 17 – I think that my 18th birthday even failed to be a showstopper. Except for the fact that I could purchase cigarettes legally (which I had been doing illegally since I was 13).

    The next big milestone is when you turn 21 because you are of legal age to drink. My 21st birthday was spent at Disneyland with a boyfriend and then at the Spaghetti Factory where I ordered a rum and coke which I didn’t even get carded for. Another bust of a milestone for me.

    Then the entire length of my twenties has gone by in a flash. An exciting flash if you look at the events of the past 9 years. There was the life in Newport Beach, the move to San Francisco, the move to London, the move to Barcelona – and all the travelling, friends and fun that I’ve had during those years. Even though I’ve been working non-stop, I’ve also enjoyed a personal freedom that few people ever experience regardless of age.

    And the one thing that I can say is that I don’t really feel that different after all this time. My friends in the States have all but “settled down” and insist that I should look into their way of life, but somehow I just don’t swallow it yet. I have had this vision for so long about what life would look like at 25, 30, 35. Thusfar the first two are nowhere near what I had envisioned they would be — but far more than I could have dreamed they would be (if that makes any amount of sense). So I am inclined not to conform just yet.

    With only 2 more days left in my twenties I have made the decision to suck it up and look forward to it. There will be no fanfare – just a small dinner with some of my best friends – that hopefully in 10 years I won’t remember so then I can say that turning 30 was as forgetful as being born, turning 10 (who remembers that?!?), turning 18, turning 21, etc…

    And my plan for the rest of my thirties remains the same as what worked for my twenties:

  • Be myself and don’t let anyone change that
  • Live a fearless life and continue to take chances
  • Have dreams and hopes
  • Love my friends and family
  • (Hopefully) learn from mistakes
  • Never stop learning
  • Enjoy life as much as possible

    Everyone check in with me when I hit 40 and we’ll see how well that decade went… I might just start turning back the clock like Grandma Ginger did. When she was 82 she was still telling me that she was 28. It was nearly believable. Read More

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    I have spent the last few evenings trying to upgrade my site to Word Press 2.0 to no avail. I have done the stinkin’ import so many times that I can’t count anymore and I don’t care to. Every time and every trick in the book and it is still a massive failure. With no support on their forums.

    Therefore I am forced to go back to my original happy database – which isn’t all that bad to be fair to it. Just bloated with a lot of features that I’m not that interested in.

    So now we’re back. From outer space.

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    If you have ever had the pleasure of viewing a My Space profile then perhaps you have noticed that the entire online world seems to be filled with stupid, white trash teenagers that have absolutely zero grasp on the English language.

    Honestly. These are supposed to be the future generation and this site is supposed to be cutting edge in terms of the “social networking” space, but I just don’t see it.

    The pages have set web design back at least 8 years with flashing elements, overuse of large fonts, bad graphics and bold tags. Yes, I think that the blink tag has been brought back. In addition to the really bad graphical layout, they have also begun embedding sound files that play onload. This hurts my soul.

    Couple this with the fact that all the pages are filled with comments from the dumbest people on the earth and you have a community filled to the brim with a bunch of unimaginative losers.

    But, hey, it is always good to feel like part of the crew.

    Here is an example of the fun friends you can make on My Space.

    Justin – He is Cocked, Locked, and ready to ROCK!

    My Space murder

    Meet fun psycopaths!

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    I have the feeling that I will be disappointed when we find out what Lost is really about. It is like those soda cups at In and Out burger that have creepy bible passages on the bottom inside lip. Pure evil in a Christian mindfuck sort of a way.

    Here is another theory that I read.

    Walt is the 2nd coming of Christ. Remember – he makes things happen. “He shall come again with glory to judge the living and the dead; of His kingdom there shall be no end” (speaking of “one Lord Jesus Christ”).

    Baby Aaron is the anti-christ. Remember – he has the possibility of evil if raised by others. Also, Charlie is trying to do his best to raise him, but just got kicked to the curb by Claire. Charlie is probably of the evil nature.

    Now I have added my own thoughts onto this.

    There are the seven deadly sins (that were originally 8 deadly sins — oohhh one of the numbers). And there are the 10 commandments. Of which – everyone on the island is guilty of.

    They are all “bearing false witness” to the Dharma computer which is already leading Michael astray by pretending to be Walt.

    So – there are about a million holes to any of these theories…like what the hell is the black smoke, what is the infection, what is the difference between the “good” people that the others take, etc…

    Enough for today.

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    image Everyone seems to be all up in arms about the fact that James Frey’s book A Million Little Pieces is an embellished tale. And I have to ask myself – why do I care? The book is still entertaining enough. You can’t really go wrong with that much vomit and crack smoking. I guess the big fuss is because Oprah had him on the show. Whopee.

    The story that I find far more intriguing than James Frey is the story of JT Leroy. If you have ever read any JT Leroy novels – such as Sarah or The Heart is Decietful Above All Things – then you know that they are pretty disturbing account of a young JT that is sold by his mother to her truckstop boyfriends who sodomise him. This is the basic overall theme that leads to the point where JT decides that he is really a she and begins cross-dressing and being even more fucked up.

    JT Leroy is reported to have a lot of celebrity friends – including Courtney Love (well, she would be so high that she wouldn’t notice anything), Winona Ryder and Gus Van Sant (with whom JT co-produced Elephant and we all know how much I loved that movie). There was always press about JT featuring photos of some creepy guy in a blond wig (such as the one pictured above).

    And it all turns out to be false. JT Leroy is really a 40 year old middle class woman. And the guy in the wig? Actually her sister in law.

    And to me, that makes all the entire story so much better. The Milli Vanilli of the literary world that conned everyone for the past decade. Awesome. Read More

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    Did you know…

  • One third of deaths – some 18 million people a year or 50,000 per day – are due to poverty-related causes. That’s 270 million people since 1990, the majority women and children, roughly equal to the population of the US. (Reality of Aid 2004)
  • Every year more than 10 million children die of hunger and preventable diseases – that’s over 30,000 per day and one every 3 seconds. (80 Million Lives, 2003 / Bread for the World / UNICEF / World Health Organization)
  • Over 1 billion people live on less than $1 a day with nearly half the world’s population (2.8 billion) living on less than $2 a day. (UN HDR, 2003)
  • 600 million children live in absolute poverty. (SCF, Beat Poverty 2003).
  • The three richest people in the world control more wealth than all 600 million people living in the world’s poorest countries. (Source:ChristianAid)
  • Income per person in the poorest countries in Africa has fallen by a quarter in the last 20 years. (Source:ChristianAid)
  • 800 million people go to bed hungry every day. (Source:FAO)
  • Every year nearly 11million children die before their fifth birthday. (Source:UNICEF)

    So, while we are sitting around stockpiling drugs for the Asiatic bird flu, worrying that some kid in the midwest shot up his schoolyard, watching Tom Cruise become more of a freak and hanging on the fact that Nicole Richie looks like she is impoverished – some 18 million people are ceasing to exist… makes you feel kind of bad – doesn’t it? And I thought it sucked when Mom used to only give us $2 a day for lunch money.

    Millenium Campaign

    The sad thing is that I would give more money to these charities if I felt like it wasn’t going to end up in someone else’s pocket like the Tsunami aid and Red Cross. If you see them around, tell them that I want my $200 back and I’m going to fly to Sri Lanka and hand it to someone rather than give to those corrupt dickwads.

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    I am currently at my company’s annual meeting which they have scheduled in Estonia. It is the dead of the winter (at least in my mind) and they had us get up this morning at 8 am to sit in meetings all day, back to back until 6 pm. Now we have dinner at 7 and at 8.30 pm they have this nifty little “team building” session that is supposed to run for 2 1/2 hours outside in the streets where it is snowing and -3c.

    Not only is this a long and tiring day, but I have really bad Raynauds and know that if I go outside even for 20 minutes this would be pushing it.

    This is where the fun comes in. I had explained all of this to HR a week ago and told them that I may not be able to participate in outside snow events due to my Raynauds. They were fine with this and seemed to understand.

    I am still assigned to a team of people who are all pumped up to do this event. And then I tell them that I don’t think I can make it because I can’t go outside for that long in the snow. They look at me and say something along the lines of “stop being a wimp”! At which time I try to briefly explain my disease and medication that I have to take to try to prevent Raynauds. They all look at me like I am a giant whiner and, honestly, I don’t even feel the need to tell half of these people my condition because it is none of their business and I’m not seeking sympathy from them. Nor do I feel that anyone can understand a 30 second breakdown of my health situation that is pretty complex.

    So now I am sitting in my hotel room crying because I would love to be able to participate. I would love to be able to go outside when it is cold for longer than 10 minutes. I would love to jump into a swimming pool in the summer and not have my hands and feet turn white. And I would especially love for people not to tell me to just get over it.

    But I know the consequences if I do go outside and have to deal with the physical pain. So I guess I will just end up looking like an asshole and being reminded that I am sick and I will always be sick. Great… I’m feeling like part of the team already.

    (I guess that was a little bit whiney – but makes me feel better to vent it somewhere than sit here and be sad)

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