The little guy – despite what you may think – did not get his good looks from me.


Here are his true parents:

Roley’s papa – Al Nakeed River Phoenix


Roley’s Mommy – Al Nakeed Kula Shakur (on the left)


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I’ve seriously had a bad case of A.D.D. lately and have been starting to read books and then never finishing them. Unless they are of the completely and totally third-grade level reading material. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I pick up a book and then I instantly fall asleep.

Things that I’ve read recently…

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
Great book written from the perspective of a 15 year old kid with slight autism who goes on an adventure of trying to figure out who killed his neighbour’s dog. Sounds odd, but really is an interesting read.

A Long Way Down – Nick Hornby
Read this last week in Spain. Story about 4 suicidal people that meet on New Year’s eve and basically form a support group. Easy read as most Hornby books are. Despite the depressing subject matter it is actually quite an amusing tale.

Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chobsky
Another coming of age tale written by someone that is slightly disturbed. I seem to be drawn to books about spastics. What’s up with that?

The Evolution of Useful Things – Henry Petroski
OK, didn’t finish this one yet – have it packed in my bag for the upcoming week in Tallinn.

The Giro Playboy – Michael Smith
Absolutely loved it. Shorts that are poetic and pictures to go with it. An easy, dreamy book.

Vernon God Little – DBC Pierre
Winner of the Booker Prize. Another one that I have yet to finish.

Killing Yourself to Live – Chuck Klosterman
Chuck travels across the US in a Ford visiting sites of dead rock musicians and has an entire conversation disecting every past relationship he has ever had. Entertaining and light.

Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry – B.S. Johnson
Another one that I am halfway through that I need to finish…

Great Gatsby (for about the millionth time) & This Side of Paradise

There are another few that I have purchased, but still need to find time to get through. Maybe I’ll have to drink some coffee and really focus.

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Had a rather interesting Friday evening out with Arlie and William. Began the evening with William – who recently became my hero by quitting his job at Skype in the heat of the moment – and I meeting Arlie at the Tottenham Court Road tube stop post work carrying a bottle of champers (his going away gift). We hopped on the overly steamy tube (my least favourite method of transpo) and sweated our asses off until we got off at Campden Town. Took a nice little stroll through the freaks and black stomping boot shops down to Chalk Farm and the Roundhouse where the show was taking place.

The show that I’m refering to is called Fuerzabruta or Brute Force in English. It is from an Argentinian performing arts troop

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This is where I get it from. I have to say it every time I am running out the door to the airport and it really works.

I wish that we could have another series of Ab Fab. I mean what else in life is worth watching over and over and over?

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A shot of tequila, vodka and tabasco sauce.

A Skype and Estonian tradition.

I think that it translates to cup of vomit in English.

Starring Mike and Eric

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Saw this when we were at Kimberly and just remembered to go hunting for it…

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It is nearly August which has traditionally (in the past 5 years) meant a hell of a lot of sunshine, Ibiza trips, beaching, drinking white wine and being generally fabulous. But this year it is nearly August and I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. There are no trips planned and as far as I can see it is going to be a month spent sitting in a freezing office on Tottenham Court Road while the rest of the EU runs off on holidays.

Damn it to hell what happened to the good old days?

The only one that will be happy about this is Roley because at least he will sort of have a playmate (apart from the travels to Estonia for work).

If anyone is feeling particularly bad for me, please feel free to send me some flowers or something.

2 Stephen Street
2nd Floor
London, United Kingdom

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This is what my days at work are like. I sit down and log into my laptop. Then a barrage of chat messages pop up and I’m off. Usually by the middle of the day I have about 30 open conversations going simultaneously.

Some people might find this annoying. I find it a little bit comforting. I hardly actually speak to people. I usually just chat with them. Even when they are sitting right next to me…


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