It is nearly August which has traditionally (in the past 5 years) meant a hell of a lot of sunshine, Ibiza trips, beaching, drinking white wine and being generally fabulous. But this year it is nearly August and I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. There are no trips planned and as far as I can see it is going to be a month spent sitting in a freezing office on Tottenham Court Road while the rest of the EU runs off on holidays.

Damn it to hell what happened to the good old days?

The only one that will be happy about this is Roley because at least he will sort of have a playmate (apart from the travels to Estonia for work).

If anyone is feeling particularly bad for me, please feel free to send me some flowers or something.

2 Stephen Street
2nd Floor
London, United Kingdom

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This is what my days at work are like. I sit down and log into my laptop. Then a barrage of chat messages pop up and I’m off. Usually by the middle of the day I have about 30 open conversations going simultaneously.

Some people might find this annoying. I find it a little bit comforting. I hardly actually speak to people. I usually just chat with them. Even when they are sitting right next to me…


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I am a leader – not a follower. That is why when people say South Beach Diet, I just have to laugh. When people all decide that they want to go to yogalates, I install a motherboard and figure that the act of twisting my wrist to get the screws in is just as healing.

Therefore when I am feeling fat and bloated I go on my own specially made diet.

And damn it if it doesn’t make more sense that some of the other crap diets there are out there.

What is my very own invention diet you ask?

The Sushi and Vodka diet.

Yes, that is correct. Sushi and vodka.

How this diet works is pretty damned simple and rewarding.

It basically takes my two favourite things and combines them into a weight loss therapy that I can live with and have fun doing!

Breakfast: Cappuccino
Lunch: Sushi / Sashimi and water
Dinner: Vodka tonics

Voila! Just do this for a few weeks and you’ll be well on your way to a slimmer, trimmer, drunker version of your earlier self.


look how happy she is!

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I’m beginning to think that I need to get a life. It is really sad to think that I just spent the last weeks in several different countries soaking up culture and the thing that I am most excited about is my new motherboard and 3 ghz Pentium 4 processor (compliments of Tim).

I have embarked upon yet another DIY tech project that will probably go completely awry from my lack of full reading and comprehending the instructions.

The mission: Install new motherboard and processor into new computer case with new power supply and old harddrives and somehow get it all to work.


the motherboard and processor

Thusfar I have managed to get the processor onto the motherboard, get the giant fan installed, plugged in the harddrives and gotten the motherboard into the case without having extra screws. The only reason I can’t yet test my experiment is that I now realise that I have the wrong memory and will have to go out tomorrow to purchase some DIMM. I’m thinking that I will go super pimp and get 2 x 1024MB.


shiny new install

The next plan (if I get things working) is to mount the 17″ flatscreen on the wall next to my bed and plug it all into the old Denon and Bose system so that I can watch movies in my room.

Pathetic, I know, but I need something to do on those cold London nights!

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Two words that typically don’t go together in peoples minds. Stephanie and camping. Why is it whenever I mention the fact that I once lived in the High Sierras for three years in a tent people laugh at me?

In my own mind I am hardly a high maintenance person. But that doesn’t seem to be the thinking of people who know me. I just don’t get it. I don’t see myself as a total pain in the neck. I merely see myself as a person who knows what I like and what I don’t like.

For example if someone invites me to East London, I know that I won’t like it. If someone insists that I go to East London I used to actually go. But what then proceeded my arrival would undoubtedly be a series of complaints that verged on a foot stamping, red-faced tantrum until I would finally land myself in an expensive cab back to my comfort zone in the West. Therefore, I (and those in the East) have learned a valuable lesson and I don’t accept invitations into their hood and they don’t extend them. Now ask yourself if that is high maintenance or simply learning and knowing your personal boundries?

Back to the story at hand. This past weekend I was invited to go to a festival up in mid-northeast England. Norwich to be exact. The agenda was a weekend of camping with friends and hanging out in some beautiful sunshine on some estate complete with mansion, pond and (as expected) festivities.

And I accepted the invitation.


Headed up there on Friday afternoon with Johnny and a car packed full of the most ridiculous camping equipment that you can imagine. John had gone a little bit nuts packing the evening before and filled the car with things like a coffee pot, kettle (because lord knows you need both when camping) and various other odds and ends.

We arrived at dusk and unloaded the car, set up our little tent and popped a bottle of vino with our neighbours Justin and Pablo. Afterwards we headed into the center of the festivities to see the group Medium Rare – a variety show – which was absolutely hilarious. Afterwards we wandered around camps having some great vodka honey drinks and then onwards to a campfire until the sun came up and we ran out of wood to burn.


The next day consisted of more crazy antics. Very little sleep. Swimming in a pond. Dressing in gold for the photograph that was taken from the top of the mansion. It all culminated in a massive bonfire and firework show that was shot off the side of the mansion. Afterwards they opened up the cellar of the mansion which contained a plethora of rooms with different DJs playing and everyone going slightly mad until 6.30 am. Amazing. Also notable during this time was the fact that I somehow lost John after his attempt to purchase 7 shots of whiskey with €10. I ended up wandering around by myself for hours talking to strangers and generally laughing.


I woke up at 9.30 on Sunday to finally wander down for a shower and a morning wake me up brandy and bloody mary. Then a little more craziness before we finally decided that we had to tone it down or not make it home alive.

Arrived home at 7.30 pm completely and totally wrecked.

But I made it – and I didn’t complain once about the fact that I didn’t shower and my hips were bruised from sleeping on the ground for two evenings. So there all you naysayers who have deemed me high maintenance!

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Has your pet got scraggy fur, a lazy eye, or missing teeth? Is your beloved animal quirky, unconventional or just down right funny looking?!

We’re not interested in perfectly preened pets but want to celebrate everything thats weird and wonderful about our nation’s animals.

Here at “Sky One” we are looking for Britain’s Ugliest Pets to take centre stage for once.

If you think your animal fits the bill then write and tell us about yourself and your pet, sending a photo if possible.

This is the ad that our little friend Geoff responded to. And guess who he sent a photo of?


The Email

From: Geoff Wilson
Subject: Britain’s ugliest pet……..
Sent: 14/07/2006 11:09:03


This is my friend Stephanie’s cat.
He’s called Roley. He lives in Notting Hill.

And sweet Jesus he is UGLY!
But quite sweet.

Make Roland famous, put him on the TV.
My friend doesn’t know about this.


The Response

Hi Geoff,

Thanks so much for your e-mail.

Roley is great, i would definitely be interested in getting him on our
show. Do you think this is something Stephanie would be interested in
doing? The item is very lighthearted/tongue in cheek, we’ll be getting
three ‘ugly’ pets on the show and basically picking a winner!

Let me know, look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards Hannah

What’s Next?

Looks like Roley might be going on Sky One Christian O’Connell’s Sunday Service sometime in mid-August to let Britain decide if he really is the ugliest pet in the country.

Stay tuned for more info…

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I thought it was only in cheesy movies that people do things are dumb as this, but it seems that unless this was posted by someone working at Drew Barrymore’s production company doing some guerrila marketing for an upcoming movie that has two not very attractive people as the stars that this post might actually be true.

People really do propose marriage at baseball games.

Another proposal topping the list of bad: Bob to Fujie in 1960. Something along the lines of – “If you don’t marry me, I’m moving to Mexico and you’ll never see me again”. And so began the romantic journey of the last 45 years…

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