I’ve been all over this great big world and I’ve seen a lot of things. Almost sounds like a song (probably is partially plagerised by something). Anyways. What I wanted to talk about today was my love of hotels. Since I am sitting in a hotel I figured I have good cause to talk about this.

Why do I love hotels so much?

1) Crisp clean sheets
2) Big beds and extra pillows
3) Blackout curtains
4) Bathrobes and slippers
5) Room service
6) Someone picks up my disasterous mess every day
7) There is a fridge with water in it
8) Pay per view (only if there is something good on)
9) The bar
10) The little thing that you put your suitcase on – what the hell is that called?

Of course, when I profess my love of hotels, don’t be fooled. I am clearly not talking about some fleabag Motel 6 or even 3 star hotels. I have my hotel standards. I like to roll pretty posh when I stay away from the comfort of my own home.

Also, there have been times in my life where I have lived in hotels for extended periods. There was No. 5 Maddox Street in London where I resided for 3 months, the Abba Saints hotel in Barcelona where I stayed for another 3 months and then the Merchant House hotel in Tallinn where I stayed for 2 1/2 months (plus visit at least once a month still). Geez, it is scary to think that at least over an entire year of my last 6 has been spent in a hotel…

And if you try to stick me in some regular old business class hotel? Me not happy. There is nothing worse than a chain hotel with a bar full of travelling business guys who smell like cheap hotel soap (yes, I can smell this).

Some of my fav hotels:
St. Regis – Shanghai (the best sleep I have ever had after a long haul flight, blackout curtains galore)
Hotel Monaco – San Francisco (for you Ian Schrager bar fans, you can still nip across the street for a cocktail at Asia de Cuba)
Tribeca Grand – NYC (come on, you know you love the little goldfish!)
Blakes – Amsterdam (although I am convinced it is haunted)
Ripa Hotel – Rome (great club downstairs)
Mondrian – LA (Sky bar and Britney shaves her legs in the pool)
Peninsula Palace – Beijing (plasmas and televsions in the toilet with Chanel shopping downstairs)
Mosaic – Beverly Hills (huge comfy beds and great pool in the back, perfect for recovering from plastic surgery)
Hotel Axel – Barcelona (ok, this is a gay hotel, but it was funny as hell to stay at and quite nice)
Merchants House – Tallinn (best staff and great rooms)
Ocean Drive – Ibiza (if you don’t have the villa going, you might as well stay here. Get your brunch on cause its fantastic)
Hotel Amigo – Brussels (great rooms, great locations, beds super comfy)
Delano – Miami (typical Miami BS, but whatcha gonna do? at least you don’t have to roll home very far)

And what tops my list of all time most-hated hotels?

The Noga Hilton – Cannes (what a god awful hotel this one is – it is like a really bad throwback to the 70s, ugh)

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Site needs a little cheering up (as do I)… This takes me back back back in the day. All the way back to Silver Spoons. I really wanted one of these when I was a kid. The breakin’ mat was fresh. Seriously, you need to watch this video at least 3 times to get the full impact of everything that is going on in it.

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Giles is the queen bitch. The only one that loves me. The only replacement for Roley… She even uses me as her avatar cause she loves me so much.


We have our thing where we say LYWYNY. In case you didn’t quite get what that means – it translates to Love ya, Want ya, Need ya. Not too sure where this originated from, but when Jackie Collins signed his copy of Lovers and Players I made that bitch write it in there (and then lost that copy somewhere in Skype’s old offices). Don’t tell her, she’ll kill me.

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This last week has pretty much sucked. Who knew that a little cat could throw you into such a bummed out place? I started last week thinking that Roley had a cold and was told that he was going to die, had him in hospital and then out of hospital and barely breathing here at home on a bunch of medications. And now my job is basically to watch him die. This isn’t part of the joys of pet ownership that I thought about when I got the little sucker. But I’m sticking by him and doing the best that I can in my own “Stephanie I can’t deal with this” way. I haven’t been this sad since Danny died – and that says a lot about my frame of mind considering I spent most of that time in the hospital with chest pains and various other ailments. Anyhoo – enough self-pity cause it is more about Roley cat being a sick little old man with a bad ticker. I started searching about how many posts on nerdgirl are about Roley. And there are a lot.


playing pictionary with albi Some of my favs:

Yeah, OK. I am obsessed with Roley. We all knew that!

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Little dude is home now. Chilling out on a bunch of different meds. His breathing is short and quick – and honestly a bit disturbing. But he is here, keeping me up worrying about him all night.


roley at home chilling

Lying in bed last night not sleeping I started to think about all things Roley…so I figured I’d write them down here.

1) Curled into a little ball with his head tucked under his paws
2) He sleeps with me (most nights, except when he is a trader and sleeps with Arlie) and when you try to move your head away from his he will reach his little paw up and touch your face
3) He pulls everything off the radiators because he hates to sit on cold floors
4) When he runs up the stairs, the fat on his belly makes a slapping noise
5) He sometimes snores
6) He hides chicken bones somewhere in the house and we have yet to find out where his secret stash is
7) He has a special cry for food and another one when his litter is dirty
8) He is abnormally strong when he is determined to sit on your lap
9) His favourite stalking position was on top of the TV where he could survey his kingdom, but then we got a flatscreen and he can’t sit on anything anymore
10) He has a weird pore on his neck that I have to squeeze to get the crap out of (gross) and his lip needs draining sometimes (even grosser)
11) His only fur is on his ears and nose
12) Sometimes he grows little whiskers – which fall out easily or I pull them
13) I broke his tail by slamming it in a cupboard when he was a kitten – it is still kinked (oops)
14) When he sleeps on white sheets he turns them brown from his sweat
15) He will eat anything, but doesn’t like popcorn
16) He makes a gross snorting noise when he is sucking on his toes
17) He likes to be carried around the house like a little baby
18) His nicknames are: Roley, Rolando, Dodi, Piggy, Monkey boy, Puppy, buddy, Crackers, Quackas, baby, Roley Poley Puddin Pie
19) We make up songs about him and sing them to him. Such songs are: You are my sunshine, Put your paws up in the air, Rolando – whoooohohohhh, At the Copa Rolando, etc…pretty much anything you can change his name to and sing it to him
20) He forces everyone to love him – even if they don’t want to

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It has been a really crappy past couple of days in the Robesky / Haft household. On Saturday afternoon I noticed that Roley’s breath was a little bit funny. He seemed to be breathing sharply. I thought maybe he had a cold, but he didn’t seem much different than usual (ie, sleeping all day and hanging out in the Slanket).

Sunday was pretty much the same. Little dude was just chilling with Arlie, Greg and I in the living room. But his breath was still a bit weird.

Monday decided to take him to the vet at the end of the day after Greg gave me the update:

I’m not cat expert, but his breath does seem a little bit strange.

Took him into the vet and immediately the vet started freaking out. Which got me freaked out. Was told that it was really serious. Then next thing you know he is being x-rayed and I’m being told that his heart is enlarged and I need to take him to hospital. All of this sort of happened in slow motion as I was trying not to cry in the vet’s office in front of the 15 year old assistant. So Arlie and I rushed poor Roley across town to Victoria and left him at the emergency hospital overnight for observation.

Flash forward. Next morning, pick up Roley at hospital. He was on oxygen all night and his heart rate was about 230 (normally should be about 180). Drove him back across town to a specialist to have an ultrasound of his heart. Went to have a hot cocoa with marshmellows while we waited. Then came back and the specialist tells us that his heart is enlarged and he has DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) and the prognosis is very bad. In which case I started bawling my eyes out again. Thankfully Arlie stayed home and drove us around while I sat in the car crying on Roley’s head and he hid his little face in my jacket.

Drove Roley back to the hospital and left him there while we waited for a cardiologist to take a look at the ultrasound and give some treatment recommendations.

Went home and had a (few) glasses of wine. Talked to the vet at around 4.30 and was told that his prognosis is very bad. In fact, the worst. The same prognosis would be what they would give to an animal suffering from the “most aggresive forms of cancer”. I was basically given 3 options.

1) Give him some experimental drug – could help him quite a bit, could kill him more rapidly
2) Give him regular treatment and wait to see if I can bring him home, but after he is home he could drop at any minute and he could have to be hospitalised many more times
3) Put him to sleep

All of those options end in one thing…inevitable death at some point. I’ve been told it could be days, weeks, months. But not much longer than that.

So what do you do in this situation? Kill your best friend? I don’t think so. Obviously I would never let him suffer, but I have to hold out some hope that we can have a little more time with Roley.

Spoke to the vet this morning and they started his treatment. He was “brighter” today but they still want to observe. The vet has consulted with 2 cardiologists and they have recommended that we give him the experimental drug (pimobendanm) which I told them to go ahead with.

In the meantime, it turns out that DCM is extremely rare in cats. It used to happen quite frequently when their diets lacked taurine, but most cat foods have been supplemented with taurine and the cases have dropped off. So now we are doing a test to see if he is taurine deficient. It has been told to me that it is unlikely, but I can always hope, can’t I? The thing with taurine deficiencies is that the cats, once given supplements, can actually have their hearts repaired and back to normal in about a month.

That is where we are now. Roley is in hospital. Heart is failing. Can’t breath. Prognosis = bad.

I just want the little fellow to come home and get into his own bed and feel comfortable while he lives out whatever his short life may be.

This sucks.


come on supercat, you can do it!

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I keep getting hate mail from people about some spam that they have received with some phishing attack from my site. Turns out that some security vunerability in my old blog scripts allowed people to upload some script to my site and then they sent out a bunch of spam with the link to the script.

So I’ve been getting hate mail as if it were me phishing for their info.

People need not be so stupid. Why would I phish for info and actually put it up on my site on a domain where you can very easily get my email address and name? COME ON.

The scripts have been taken down and I haven’t had the time to go through them and see where they are sending the info off to. Will get to that at another time.

I probably get about 1,000 of these phishing emails a day and I never bother looking at them. I am shocked at the amount of people that must fall for this shite from the sheer numbers of hate emails I have received about it.

If you were victimised by this scam, then I’m sorry, but please don’t leave me hate mail as I am just as much a victim as you.


Here is a copy of the email that was sent out…(came from another hate mail that I received)

Dear customer,

We at Interac Association, would like to remind you that your Personal Bank Account has not been updated to the latest Online Access Agreement for Personal Bank Online Services.

In order for us, at Interac Association to guarantee your online security, you need to update your account information. We urge you to partner with us to prevent consumer fraud, by going through the 2 steps Personal Bank Account Confirmation process. This operation involves logging in and confirming your identity over a secure connection at:


After completing this process, you will be informed that your account has been updated and you will be redirected to the actual Online Access Agreement, for you to review.

Thank you

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This video is just wrong in so many ways.

1. They are sphynx cats
2. What is up with the dog
3. You can hear the tv in the background
4. There is a 3rd sphynx cat that comes into the picture
5. Who the hell records their cats having sex and then posts it on youtube?

6. Arlie actually found this – so why was she searching for cat porn on youtube?

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I always have my stupid little projects in the works. Those things to do on rainy nights when I’m bored at home. Need to make myself a little list to keep up because they are slowly piling up.

1 ) Neuros – get the damned firmware upgraded and get the wifi USB dongle working
2 ) Make a new PC for downstairs to watch movies on the Bravia or figure out how to stream movies from upstairs to downstairs with the Neuros
3 ) Figure out the settings on the sewing maching so I can hem my jeans
4 ) Mount the LCD in my room on the wall
5 ) Finish playing Call of Duty 3
6 ) Kill of my Sims and then bring them back to life
7 ) Record some crap off the TV and see if I can get it onto the iPod
8 ) Organise my mp3s and get rid of all the shit that is named incorrectly
9 ) Line the kitchen drawers with liner (this is the last straw of boredom and will probably never happen)
10 ) Figure out what to do with travelbugged.org with the other nerds

There are a few more things that I need to do, such as moving the Bose system downstairs and hooking up the surround sound. The problem with that is it means that I have to find an iPod speaker system that doesn’t actually suck for my bedroom and that is proving to be difficult.

Enough geek for today…

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